Plain Quesadilla (Corn or Flour)     $1.99

Quesadilla Rellena (Corn or Flour)  $3.50
With your choice of Lamb, Huitlacoche Squash blossom *Upon availability

Tacos (One soft Corn Taco)      $2.50
Juicy and tender Lamb barbacoa or Cochinita Pibil

Ensalada de Nopal         $3.25
Fresh Cactus mixed with tomato, onion and cilantro

Chips and Salsa           $1.75

Sopa de Frijiol           $3.99
Home-made pinto bean soup topped with cilantro, cheese, and chips

Consome de Borrego  10oz.     $2.25
32oz. $6.75
Lamb broth served with “chickpeas” and rice

Fresh Guacamole   ½ Pint        $5.99
Fresh and local avocado mixed with cilantro, onion, fresh lime and salt.

Arroz Mexicano ½ pint         $2.25

Frijoles Pintos   ½ pint        $2.25
Pinto beans cooked in vegetable oil

Nachos de Borrego o Cochinita    $8.99
Tortilla chips, beans, sour cream, cheese, and cilantro and a choice of meat.

Fresh local avocados with cilantro,onion,lime & salt


Cactus salad, green with red sauce
Cactus Salad


Lamb Taco and Rajas Quesadilla
Lamb Taco and Rajas Quesadilla


Chilaquiles Verdes, Rojos o Mole    $7.99
Home-made chips soaked in salsa with, cheese and beans
Add Chicken  $1.50
Add Lamb  $2.25
Add 1 egg  $1.25
Add 2 eggs  $2.25

Huevos Rancheros         $7.99
2 Eggs covered in ranchera sauce with 2 tortillas, served with rice & beans.

Huevos Revueltos
Made with 3 scramble eggs served with pinto beans, Mexican rice and tortillas

Soy Chorizo
Seasoned soy seeds marinated in chile Colorado sauce *vegetarian

Pork Chorizo and potatoes
Seasoned pork sausage and potatoes

Lamb Barbacoa House special meat

Fresh cactus

Red Chilaquiles with beans and eggs.
Huevos Rancheros
2 over easy eggs with salsa, rice & beans.


Made with 14″ flour tortilla served with chips

Toluca Burrito       $7.25
(Eggs, pork chorizo and potato, bean and cheese).

Jimador             $7.75
Carne Asada, rice, and beans (cilantro and onion optional)

Borrego             $8.25
Juicy and tender lamb meat, beans, rice and salsa

Sopes              $3.75
With your choice of chicken/ or potato and chorizo/ or pork /or lamb, beans, lettuce, cream and cheese

Two chicken or cheese enchiladas with red, green or mole sauce, served with pinto beans and rice

Flautas             $6.25
Order 3 roll tacos with rice.
Choice of chicken, lamb, or potato, topped with cream and cotija cheese (lettuce and tomato optional)
One roll taco  $1.99

Toluca Burrito
Breakfast burrito with eggs potato and chorizo, beans and cheese.

House Special

Lamb Special          $8.25
House combination one lamb taco, one roll
lamb taco, one corn quesadilla, rice  and cactus salad

Mixiote de Borrego        $14.99
“Signature dish” 24 hour marinated process inside of the maguey layer “called mixiote” 6 hours simmered, super tender and juicy flavorful lamb meat, great for tacos, salads or just plain. Includes 6 tortillas, cilantro, onion, lime, and salsa

1/2 Libra de Carne
8oz. of Lamb meat or pork cochinita pibil, served with 6 tortillas, cilantro, onion and salsas

Pozole Verde (Only Thursday – Sunday) $9,75
Made from scratch, our green pork pozole from guerrero mexico, served with tostadas, pork cracklins, cabbage & radish

Family Syle ORDERS
Lamb -8 hour process, juicy and tender ideal for soft tacos- Served with corn tortillas, cilantro, onion, lime and salsas
Order of Barbacoa 250 gms meat (with rice and beans)                       $12.50
1/2 kg.(1.25 lb.)       $21.99 (feeds 3-4 people)
1kg. (2.25 lb.)         $42.99 (feeds 6-8 people)

Lamb Special
Lamb taco, lamb roll taco, quesadilla, rice and cactus salad
Juicy and Tender lamb Barbacoa
Lamb Barbacoa


Fresh Raw Juices         $4.25
Orange/Carrot/Grapefruit 16oz – Upon availability

Cleansing Water
OJ, carrot, fresh ginger 16oz.

Detox             $4.75
Carrot, ginger. celery, green apple 16oz.

Drinks from Scratch/ Aguas Frescas *Upon availability
16oz.           $2.25
32oz.          $3.99

Pitcher of Fresh Water/Agua Fresca    $8.25

Mexican Sodas          $2.25

Cafe” de la Olla           $2.75
mexican style coffee with sugarcane and cinnamon


Fresh Orange Juice
Orange Juice
Carrot, ginger & O.J
Cleansing Juice


Home-made Desserts        $3.50
Flan (custard), rice pudding (arroz con leche)
Carrot cake muffin (pastel de zanahoria)

Carrot muffin

*We DON’T use any lard on our food.

*We are a veggie-friendly restaurant ask for options and we would be more than happy to help you!

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